Litestream, a Florida-based telecommunications provider focused on delivering video, Internet, phone, home monitoring and home security services to community associations, has announced the addition of Gerry Renke as director of business development for the Southwest Florida market. In his new position, he will be responsible for introducing Litestream’s services and developing relationships with homeowner and community associations throughout Florida.

Prior to accepting the position, Renke was the regional sales director for a major national consulting firm in the telecom industry, responsible for the development of the local Southwest Florida market. For the past three years, he has served as a member of the board of directors and is the current president of the local Fort Myers chapter of Community Associations Institute, the leading national provider of education to association managers and homeowners of community associations. In addition, he plays banjo and is the humorist in a local “mummers band,”similar to Philadelphia Mummers. Any donations the band receives go toward supporting music lessons of talented and deserving young musicians.

Litestream specializes in the construction of new broadband communications systems in established communities. The company works with communities and associations to design, build and deliver a newly-built, modern system throughout the community, replacing the outdated infrastructure currently in the ground. This new broadband infrastructure ensures higher quality signals and more capacity and is not burdened by the repairs and weathering inevitably accompanying the original system that has been in the ground for many years. Litestream’s engineers design systems that bring fiber optics throughout the community to provide service quality which current networks are unable to achieve.

The Litestream management team has extensive experience in working with HOAs and their residents to deliver exceptional broadband services and customer care tailored to the needs of the community. For more information, call 239-249-3327 or visit To contact Renke directly, call 239-529-8160 or email