Litestream, a Florida-based telecommunications provider focused on delivering Internet, cable television and voice services to private communities, has announced the addition of John D. (JD) Trudel as construction manager. In his new position, he will be responsible and accountable for the overall project management for the construction of a new, state-of-the art broadband telecommunications system with fiber optic delivery in Sterling Oaks, a full service tennis and clubhouse community in Naples.

Trudel is a versatile, seasoned professional that thrives on positive customer experiences. He has been in the communications industry since 2006, where he has gained vast knowledge in effective project management and operational development. A Florida native, he has a degree from Palm Beach State College, where he studied business management. He joined Litestream because of their “customer first” type business model.

“I am extremely excited to share a White Glove approach in construction practices,” he said. “I look forward to providing Litestream customers with an unparalleled experience that they can’t find anywhere else in the industry.”

Litestream specializes in the construction of new broadband communications systems in established communities. The company works with communities and associations to design, build and deliver a newly-built, modern system throughout the community, replacing the outdated infrastructure currently in the ground. This new broadband infrastructure ensures higher quality signals and more capacity and is not burdened by the repairs and weathering inevitably accompanying the original system that has been in the ground for many years. Litestream’s engineers design systems that bring fiber optics throughout the community to provide service quality which current networks are unable to achieve.

Litestream is the brand name of Litestream Holdings, LLC, organized in 2004 with headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Litestream is focused on the replacement of existing cable infrastructure within gated communities statewide. Its management team collectively has over 130 years of cable industry experience, including all phases from construction to customer service. For more information, call 239-249-3327.