Litestream, a Florida-based telecommunications provider focused on delivering Internet, cable television and voice services to private communities, has launched TV Everywhere, allowing its subscribers to use their credentials to log in and watch TV from anywhere at any time.

Customers’ favorite shows, movies and live sports are as close as a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet with Litestream’s TV Everywhere. All that’s needed is a WiFi-enabled device and an Internet connection to enjoy top-quality programming at home or on the go. Unlike services such as Hulu or Netflix, there’s no additional charge for TV Everywhere. Customers can watch full episodes of current shows, see new episodes the day after they air on TV and even catch live television broadcasts of sports, awards programs and more in real time, based upon the level of service to which they subscribe.

“At Litestream, customers are always our focus, and our customers are always on the go, whether it is in Naples, back ‘up north’ or around the globe, they can take their Litestream channels with them,” said CEO Bill Haggarty. “We are excited to bring them TV Everywhere and continue offering a great experience for subscribers.”

About Litestream

Since 1999, Litestream has been committed to understanding the needs of customers and exceeding their expectations, while providing a complete line of value-added services. Since its inception, Litestream has grown to become a leading provider of high definition (HD) video, high-speed Internet, and digital phone services to private and gated communities in Florida.

In 2012, the company completed installation of a new master television reception and distribution center, also known as a headend. The state-of-the-art signal receiving and processing center is one of the most advanced in the state and receives television programming for digital channels—many in HD—and distributes them to Litestream customers throughout Florida over a fiber optic network, allowing the company to serve communities statewide. Built to withstand hurricanes and natural disasters, its design is scalable and adaptable for expanded future need.

Together, the Litestream management team has over 130 years of cable industry experience, including all phases from construction to customer service. For more information, call 239-249-3327 or visit