William Haggarty, CEO of Litestream, a Florida-based telecommunications provider focused on delivering Internet, cable television and voice services to private communities, was a featured presenter at a community forum organized by the Collier Citizens Council and the Collier County Presidents Council, made up of leaders of neighborhood homeowners associations.

Haggarty and other panelists spoke to an audience of nearly 200 of the organizations’ members interested in hearing more about services available in the area.

“Litestream specializes in the construction of new broadband telecommunications systems in established communities,” he said. “We work with communities, associations and property management firms to design, build and deliver a modern system throughout the community, replacing the outdated infrastructure currently in the ground. The result is lightning-fast Internet connections, crystal clear conversations for telephone customers.”

Haggarty shared details of Litestream’s new state-of-the-art operations and distribution center in Naples that receives television programming for over 300 digital channels and distributes them to customers throughout Florida over a fiber optic network. He also spoke about the company’s White Glove construction process, which has been developed from many successful community conversions, as well as Litestream’s commitment to customer satisfaction of both residents and Board leadership.

Litestream is the brand name of Litestream Holdings, LLC, organized in 2004 with headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Litestream is focused on the replacement of existing cable infrastructure within gated communities statewide. Its management team collectively has over 130 years of cable industry experience, including all phases from construction to customer service. For more information, call 239-249-3327.