Sterling Oaks, a full service tennis and clubhouse community in Naples, has selected Florida-based telecommunications company, Litestream, to provide Internet, cable television and voice services to the community. Infrastructure work will begin in the community in March, with completion scheduled for summer. Litestream’s White Glove construction process has been developed from many successful community conversions, and customer satisfaction of both residents and Board leadership in communities is the central focus of the company.

Sterling Oaks formed a committee early last year to look at alternatives to their current provider. After a lengthy selection process, Litestream was chosen for the project. “Our broadband infrastructure is aging,” said resident Eric Frankel. “We were looking for state-of-the-art and Litestream could deliver. Plus, they were willing to listen to what the community wanted, instead of telling us what we had to have.”

“Sterling Oaks is a wonderful community with diverse interests,” said Litestream CEO Bill Haggarty. “We listened carefully to their needs and are building a state-of-the-art broadband communications system with fiber optic delivery throughout their neighborhood to bring them an exceptional array of basic cable television channels, most in high definition, lightning-fast Internet and crystal clear telephone. Sterling Oaks is just the kind of community we specialize in—one that wants the very latest technologies and the advantages a completely new broadband system will bring them, all delivered with extraordinary customer care that exceeds expectations.”

Litestream specializes in the construction of new broadband communications systems in established communities. The company works with communities and associations to design, build and deliver a newly-built, modern system throughout the community, replacing the outdated infrastructure currently in the ground. This new broadband infrastructure ensures higher quality signals and more capacity and is not burdened by the repairs and weathering inevitably accompanying the original system that has been in the ground for many years. Litestream’s engineers design systems that bring fiber optics throughout the community to provide service quality which current networks are unable to achieve.

In addition, the company recently completed installation of a new master television reception and distribution center (also known as a headend) in Naples. The state-of-the-art signal receiving and processing center receives television programming for over 300 digital channels and distributes them to Litestream customers throughout Florida over a fiber optic network, allowing the company to serve communities statewide.

Litestream’s network operations center allows the company to monitor all systems and subscribers’ equipment; provide alerts and proactive warnings; and manage the systems at peak performance, without disruptions. At the company care center, Florida-based Litestream employees answer customers’ calls—no outsourcing. Technicians are assigned to each community, giving residents peace of mind with staff they come to know and trust. Litestream partners with the HOA board and managers to provide complimentary community and security channels; cable TV and Internet services to the clubhouse; and security monitoring camera links for gates and pools.

Sterling Oaks General Manager Mark West said, “We had several initial discussions with Litestream and always dealt with the decision maker of the company, which was a real plus. They’ve been great to get along with and the whole process has been very comfortable.”

Litestream is the brand name of Litestream Holdings, LLC, organized in 2004 with headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Litestream is focused on the replacement of existing cable infrastructure within gated communities statewide. Its management team collectively has over 130 years of cable industry experience, including all phases from construction to customer service. For more information, call 239-249-3327.